A Disciplined Approach

The Congruus our search process is simple but disciplined. We explain it in detail to our clients, adapt it to their requirements, and ask them to join us as partners in its implementation.

We typically divide a search into five phases: Understanding the Challenge; Networking & Screening of Prospective Candidates; Narrowing the Field; Selecting Finalists and Checking References; and The Final Choice.

1. Understand..

1.1 Meet with appropriate members of a client's management team to analyze the position requirements and the corporate culture.

1.2. Formulate a comprehensive position specification, including key responsibilities, core competencies and expected results of the successful candidate, as well as an overview of the company and its culture.
2.1. Develop a specific search strategy, including the companies to target, key sources in the marketplace and other related sectors to probe.

2.Networking & Prospecting..

3.Narrowing the Field

3.1 Conduct in-depth personal interviews of prospective, pre-screened candidates.

3.2. Assess prospective candidates' technical qualifications and potential fit with the client's culture, as well as the core competencies required for the position.

3.3. Present detailed verbal and written reports to the client of candidate profiles and assessments.

4. Selecting Finalists..

4.1. Conduct comprehensive, well-documented, in-depth reference and degree checks.

4.2. Provide open, honest communication with all parties throughout the process, including the negotiation process and closure of the search.

5.The Final Choice..

5.1. Provide relevant compensation, market and competitive data, which can be of value to the client.

5.2. Follow up with post-search consultation with the successful candidate, their superior and the client at regular intervals.